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One Work

The One Work series is a library of small books, each title focusing on a single artwork that has significantly shaped the way we understand art and its history.


One Work is a unique series of books, each of which presents a single work of art considered in detail by a single author. The focus of the series is on contemporary art, and its aim is to provoke debate about significant moments in art’s recent development. The books insist that a single contemporary work of art (in all its different manifestations), through a unique and radical aesthetic articulation or invention, can affect our understanding of art in general. More than that, these books suggest that a single work of art can literally transform, however modestly, the way we look at and understand the world.

Editorial Team


Elisa Adami, Mark Lewis

Assistant Editor

Wing Chan

Copy Editor

Deirdre O’Dwyer


The MIT Press


Emily Schofield


The One Work series is distributed by The MIT Press. Many titles are also available as e-books.

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